Routes BuddyPress Integration - Adding Activity for newly submitted Routes

Adding Activity for each newly submitted Routes

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The Routes Manager - BuddyPress integration add-on allows for activity to be added to the user's BuddyPress feed automatically whenever they add a new route. This can help keep the site more alive by having content being added more often.

Enabling / Disabling Activity for new Routes

From the WordPress dashboard navigate to  CM Maps Routes Manager Pro → Settings → BuddyPress → Activity Feed.

Identify the option labeled  Create BuddyPress activity when user creates a map.

To enable the feature select the Yes radio button, to disable it select the No radio button.

Modifying the Activity Feed template

The the post template used for the posts that are automatically published to the user's activity feed can be customized to your liking.

Navigate to  CM Maps Routes Manager Pro → Settings → BuddyPress → Activity Feed.

In the Textbox labeled Activity post template for new map edit the template to your liking. 

Use the shortcode / placeholders from the right to inject some live and dynamic content such as the title of the route or a link to it into the post.

Remember to click on the blue Save button at the bottom before closing the page to save the changes.

More information about the CM Routes Manager BuddyPress Integration Add-on

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