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The CM Routes BuddyPress Integration Add-on adds the ability for BuddyPress community members to create and discuss routes, points of interest and hikes.

To configure this add-on, navigate to the  Admin Dashboard → CM Maps Route Manager → Settings. Click on the BuddyPress tab.

User profile: User's Maps Tab

Show "Maps" tab in the user's profile: Yes or No
If enabled users will see the "Maps" tab in each user's profile that displays the maps created by the specific user.

Show routes parameters: Yes or No
If enabled the routes parameters such as distance, max elevation etc. will be visible on the routes snippets.

Routes snippets layout: List or Tiles
Choose route snippets layout.

Routes  featured image: First Route Image or Map Thumbnail
Choose what kind of the routes featured image to display in the user's profile page.
Note: If a gray image appears when selecting Map Thumbnail, please check your troubleshooting guide, you may have to enable more google maps API's.

Manage routes under "My Maps" tab: Yes or No
If enabled, the user will see "Manage Maps" tab in his own profile and will be able to manage his routes.

User profile: Manage Maps Tab

Show separate "Manage Maps" tab in the user's profile: Yes or No
If enabled, the user will see "Manage Maps" tab in his own profile and will be able to manage his routes.

Activity Feed

Create BuddyPress activity when a user created a map: Yes or No
Chose Yes, if you want the add-on to automatically post a new activity when the user adds a new map.

Activity post template for new map:
Template for the activity post on the user's activity feed added after user published a map. You can use the following shortcodes:

[fullname] - user's display name
[title] - routes title
[permalink] - permalink to the route page
[excerpt] - excerpt of the routes description


Starting from version 1.0.1, it's possible to associate BuddyPress groups with routes.

The settings are:

  • Associate group with route - Enable or disable this feature.
  • Group privacy - Define who will have access.


Note that the group features require the User Groups component to be enabled. This can be configured in Admin Dashboard → Settings → BuddyPress, as shown

If the settings are proper, you will be able to set the groups when editing the route, as shown:

Front-End View of a Profile Page

More information about the CM Routes Manager BuddyPress Integration Add-on

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