CM Notification Bar (CMNB) - Creating Different Notifications for Multiple Pages

Creating Different Notifications for Multiple Pages 

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Specific Use

This guide explores a special use case of creating Notifications.

For more information, check the basic Creating a Notification.

CM Notification Bar Pro allows you to run multiple notification campaigns at the same time, displaying them on different parts of your website. Additionally, you can display notifications on certain webpages (Local) or on the entire website (Global).

When managing notifications, the Global column quickly shows you if the notifications are Local or Global.

This Global/Local setting can be configured when editing each campaign. So, it's possible to create multiple campaigns to display on different pages of your website.

Global: Making a Notification Appear Everywhere

To do this, simply enable the option "Show on every page" in the Activity pane. Learn more about the Activity pane configurations in the Creating a Notification guide.

Local: Making a Notification Appear Only on Specific Places

Further below in the Activity pane, you will find the "Show on selected posts/pages" option.

In it, you can add individual pages where that notification should appear.

Things to note: 

  • You can collapse or expand each item to help with visualizing the list.
  • You can delete items.
  • Select a page from the dropdown menu to add it to the list.
  • Click the + Add Page button to include it to the list.

More information about the CM Notification Bar WordPress  Plugin

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