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Notification Statistics

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To view notification statistics, go to Statistics in the plugin dashboard. 

You will see tabs for different reports. For all types of statistics you can set a date range.

Daily Report

Daily Report show statistics by dates. Here you can see all notifications events like clicks on bars, amount of impressions, ratio (clicks to impressions). If Notification has couple of variants you can see its statistics too.

Report by Period

Report by Period displays statistics by Notifications items. Here you can see data for each Notification and variant like amount of impressions, clicks and also ratio.

Access Log

Access Log shows statistics as graph. You can choose to see all notifications statistics of just select specific one.

For this type of statistics you can set time range and also choose if you want to see statistics for a single Notification or all Notifications on one graph.

Below: Graph statistics for First Notification:

Below: Graph statistics for Test Notification:

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