CM Notification Bar (CMNB) - Creating a Notification

Creating a Notification 

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To create a notification bar, go to the plugin dashboard and click on Notifications.

Here you will see all existing notification campaigns. To add a new campaign, click on the Add New Notification button. 

This brings you to a screen where you can add notifications for that campaign. To add multiple notifications, simply click the Add New Notification button at the top. 

Notification Content

Here you can name the campaign and enter notification contents. You can customize your notification using HTML coding. 


In this example, the HTML coding creates a small black button that links to a page on the demo site. 

Options - Styling of The Notification

1) Basic Visual

On the back-end notification page, you can customize basic visual options

  • Display method: Random or selected

Random display shows a random notification from the campaign, while selected allows you to pick what notification is shown. This is useful if you want to display specific messages at a certain time during the campaign. 

Position: Top or Bottom

Define if the notification bar will appear on top or at the bottom of the page.

  • Background color

Change the color using hexadecimal color format or keep the default white

  • Text color

Insert HTML color code for color code

  • Text margin

Specify how many pixels wide the text vertical margin is. This determines how far down the text is from the top margin. 

  • Text line height

Specify the pixel size of the text line height. 

  • Text size

Specify text size in pixels 

  • Notification bar height 

Set the height of the vertical width of the notification bar. 

2) Advanced Visual

You can also customize advanced visual options

  • Show interval - Choose whether a notification shows each time the page loads or only the first time a page loads. 
  • Clicks counting method- Choose how clicks are counted. 

Behavior of The Notification

3) Activity

In this tab you can configure:

  • Whether the notification is shown on every post and page of your site
  • Show notification on homepage
  • Minimum device width for notification to be displayed
  • Show notification on pages with a specific URL 
  • Choose posts or pages to display the notification
  • Set a specific time period for the campaign 

4) Countdown

Here you can:

  • Set a countdown for the campaign

You can also edit campaigns after they are created in the Notifications dashboard. 

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