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Displaying Random Notifications by Using Variations

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What is a Variation

A variation is an alternative notification. Each notification can have multiple variations and all of these are stored inside each notification. 

They are useful if you would like to display a random notification from all the variations or if you would like to quickly change between each.

Creating Variations

To create a variation, first edit the notification which will be the main one.

Click the highlighted button, + Add Notification Item, and a new blank field will appear. This field has the same options for editing any notification.

You can minimize and delete each variant by clicking the icons on its top right, as highlighted below. To change the order of the variants, simply drag and drop them.

Choosing Which Variation Will Be Displayed

This setting is found in the same screen, right below the notification panels.

Inside Basic Visual, the option Display method lets you choose between:

  • Random - When this notification is called, a random variant will be displayed
  • Selected - Every time this notification is called, the selected variation will be displayed

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