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The User Dashboard

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A user Dashboard has been included for users to view, edit and delete posts they have submitted using the User Submitted form.

Adding the Dashboard to the Front-end for User Use

The User dashboard is added to the front-end of the site by the use of a shortcode. The shortcode is included below but is also available from the shortcodes tab of the Plugin settings on the WordPress admin panel. Navigate to CM User Submitted Posts → Shortcodes.


Create a Page to display the Dashboard, Name it and add whatever additional content you would like to display below the Dashboard.

Paste the shortcode on the page wherever you would like, it will display above the content that you add into the text editor.

Remember to click Update or Publish to save the changes. Check the results by loading the page you have created.

TIP: Changing Post List Theme (Advanced)

It's possible to override the theme of the post list generated by the shortcode [cm_usersp_posts_list]

To do so:

  1. Enable the option Template Override in CM User Submitted Posts → Settings → General Settings → Post Management Settings.
  2. Locate the file wp-content/plugins/cm-user-submitted-posts/views/user/posts_list.php
  3. Edit this file to match your theme
  4. Create the folder CMUSP inside your active theme directory.
  5. Place the edited posts_list.php file there.

More information about the CM User Submitted Posts WordPress  Plugin

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