Locations Anonymous Posting - Moderating Anonymous Locations

Moderating Anonymous Locations

This guide will explain in-depth how the moderation works within CM Maps Locations Manager Anonymous Posting.

What is Moderation

When locations posting is moderated, it means it will only be published once the admin approves it. 

In the back-end, posts that were not yet approved will be listed as pending in the Locations list, as shown:

Moderation For Registered Users vs. Moderation For Guests

It's important to note that there are two levels of moderation: general (all users) and anonymous (guests).

  • General moderation: applies to all users, whether they are registered or guests. 
    These options can be found on CM Maps Locations Manager  Settings
  • Anonymous moderation: only applies to unregistered users
    As explained in the Add-on's General Settings guide, the plugin's settings can be found on the path CM Maps LocationsManager ProSettingsAnonymous users tab.


Breakdown of which groups need admin approval:

  • General moderation is on, anonymous moderation is on: all users.
  • General moderation is on, anonymous moderation is off: all users.
  • General moderation is off, anonymous moderation is on: only guest users.
  • General moderation is offanonymous moderation is off: no one.


Under the plugin's settings, you can configure the notification emails for the Moderator and the location's author. The path is CM Maps Locations Manager → Settings tab → Notifications.

The email subject and template can include dynamic shortcodes.

More information about the CM Locations Manager Anonymous Posting Add-on

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