Locations Anonymous Posting - Settings - General Settings

Locations Anonymous Posting Settings

To access the add-on's settings, follow the path CM Locations Manager ProSettingsAnonymous users tab.

General Settings

These configurations affect the overall operation of the add-on.

Anonymous Location's category

This is the category in which the anonymous locations will be posted. You can create, for instance, an "Anonymous Locations" category if you wish.

If "ALL" is set, the anonymous user will be able to choose from any category in the list.

Enable moderation upon anonymous locations

"Yes" means the locations have to be approved by the admin before being posted. 

In the back-end, anonymous posts that were not yet moderated will be listed as pending in the Locations list.

In the front-end, they will be shown as "Pending review".

Disable upload features

"Yes" means the anonymous users will not be able to add images and videos to the post. As such, the following field will not appear to them:

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