Appointments Payments - Accepting Bookings and Sending Payment Requests

Accepting Bookings and Sending Payment Requests

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With  Payments Add-on, the admin can set prices for each calendar. This will prompt the user to make a payment before booking an appointment. Despite this functionality, the admin can arbitrarily set the status of any booking, accepting bookings without payment, or rejecting ones which were paid for.

This guide will show how the admin can manage the payments and its status. If you still have not set up the prices, refer to the guide  Setting Prices to Appointments.

Step by Step

  • The customer makes an appointment - To understand what the customer sees, read the Front-End guide.
  • The appointment is approved - This step can be either automatic or manual (approval by the admin), depending on the Calendar settings.
  • The admin sends the customer the Payment Request - The admin can send it by clicking the respective button while managing bookings. If the booking is not automatically accepted, the admin will approve it as well, as shown below:
  • Customer pays - The status of the booking should change from Waiting for Payment to Accepted. The screen below shows both cases:

More information about the CM Appointments Booking Payments Add-on  

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