Appointments Payments - Notifying Users About Delayed or Expired Payments

Notifying Users About Pending or Expired Payments

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Installing the  Payments add-on adds two extra email templates which can be customized. These relate to pending payments and expired payments, in which case the booking will be canceled. Read more about Appointments Bookings' main templates.

To configure this, head to the plugins' Options menu, as shown:

Then, click on the  Email Templates tab.

The two templates are located at the end of the page. They refer to:

  • Finalize Booking - Instruct user on how to make payment. It's also sent as a reminder if the customer has not paid yet. 
  • Booking Deleted - Notify the user that the booking was deleted for lack of payment.

The emails' subject and body support placeholders, such as  {calendar-name}, which returns the appropriate calendar name.

You can find the full list by clicking the Placeholders button, located above every email template, as shown:

Setting When Reminders Will be Sent

You can modify this in the Payment tabs. Read our guide about it.

More information about the CM Appointments Booking Payments Add-on  

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