CM Ad-Changer (CMAC) - Getting Started - Installation

Install CM Ad-Changer Server Side Plugin

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Important: Never install the client plugin and the server plugin on the same WordPress website.

  • Upload the plugin to the dedicated banner server’s wp-content/plugins folder.
  • Activate the plugin from the WordPress plugins dashboard.

The plugin will appear in WP admin menu under the title “Ad Changer”. The following screenshots show how the Ad Changer Pro plugin dashboard looks:


  • Next, check that the plugin server information is compatible with the plugin requirements:
  • install CM ad-changer

Setting up you Advertising Campaigns

  • Create a new Campaign
  • install CM ad-changer1
  • Name your campaign
  • install CM ad-changer2
  • Upload the campaign banners and define campaign preferences
  • install CM ad-changer3
  • Save your campaign and use the campaign ID to display it on relevant sites
  • View campaign statistics on your sever side Admin panel
  • install CM ad-changer4
  • Display you campaign by placing the following shortcode on any page or post
    {cm_ad_changer campaign_id=”id-of-your-campaign”]
  • You can also test the campaign using the testing tab in the plugin menu

install CM ad-changer5

Install CM Ad-Changer Client side Plugin

  • In order to insert your campaign shortcode on a client website, you must first install the client plugin on that site.
  • Next, define the address of the server site in the client plugin settings
  • To display your campaign, copy the same shortcode onto the target site, containing the campaign ID and server address

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