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Moderation Dashboard Overview

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The Content Moderation Tools plugin adds two new items to the WordPress dashboard lefthand menu that are helpful for managing the review process for post contributions, especially when multiple authors are writing or when many posts are being submitted.

The two new Menu Items are "Pending" and "In Draft".

New menu items provided by the plugin - WordPress Editorial Plugin
New menu items provided by the plugin

Pending Dashboard

The Pending dashboard offers a view of all the posts from all of the contributors that are awaiting review. This includes all new articles that have been added or any article that was sent back to the contributor with Moderator notes and has subsequently been revised and returned for review once again.

Pending dashboard - WordPress Editorial Plugins
Pending dashboard

By default the posts are listed in reverse chronological order showing the most recently published or revised article on top and the oldest on bottom.

There are the usual WordPress sort and filtering options as well as the usual options for bulk actions or quick actions when hovering over a Pending article.

In Draft Dashboard

The In Draft dashboard provides a handy place for reviewing all the posts that were saved as Draft and not submitted for Review. This allows Moderators to monitor coming posts earlier on in the process rather than awaiting a submission from a contributor.

Saving the post as a draft - WordPress Editorial Plugin
Saving the post as a draft

The same filtering, sorting and bulk action options and shortcut options apply here.

In Draft dashboard - WordPress Editorial Plugins
In Draft dashboard

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