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Managing Moderators

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To initially begin using the Editor Moderation Tools Plugin moderators must be set. These are chosen from the existing users on the WordPress site.

Users without the permission to review pending posts on the WordPress Dashboard can still be set as moderators, but please keep in mind that they will only receive emails notifying them of pending posts and the extent of their follow up action will be limited to creating tasks.

Adding moderators

On the WordPress dashboard navigate to CM Editor Moderation Tools → CM Editor Moderation Tools → General (tab) → Moderators (section)

Begin typing the Username of the User in the "Find user" field and a list of suggestions will appear below. Select the appropriate user from the list.

Remember to click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Removing Moderators

Should at some point a moderator wish to be removed from the list of moderators for Contributions. Click on "x" to the right of the Moderator's name in the list of moderators.

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