Content Moderation Tools (CMMOD) - Changing Front-end Labels

Changing Front-end Labels

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It is possible for all the text that is generated by the Content Moderation Tools plugin on the front-end of the website to be modified according to the specific needs of the website owner. This is useful for either changing the language of a site that is not in the plugin's default English, or just to change the style of the language used to match a more or less formal style.

From the WordPress dashboard navigate to CM Editor Moderation Tools → CM Editor Moderation Tools → Labels tab.

Here the element name and the current Label can be seen listed in the "Notes" and "Review" sections. A description of the label is given on the right hand side of each.

Labels settings tab - WordPress Editorial Plugin
Labels settings tab

Select and delete the existing label and enter the desired text for one or more labels, then click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

The Front-end label will now appear as the text that was entered.

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