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The WordPress Two Factor Authentication plugin revamps the account security for your WordPress users by offering integration with four widely accredited two-factor authentication (2FA) methods: Google Authenticator, Mobile Phone SMS, Email verification and Email code. By not relying on the password alone, users feel confident that their credentials and data are stored safely. 

Feature Summary

  • Choose between four acknowledged two-factor authentication methods:
    • Google Authenticator: Once user tries to login, the user will need to enter a unique code generated by the free Google Authenticator app
    • Mobile Phone SMS: A text message, generated by the reliable Amazon SMS service (AWS SNS), will be sent to the user with a single use code which he/she will have to input in order to login
    • Email verification: Support site login using an email verification. This means that an email message containing a unique link will be sent to the user. Once user click on the link he will be able to login
    • Email code: Support site login using an code sent to the user email. This means that an email message containing a unique code will be sent to the user. Once user enter the code to the login screen he will be able to login
  • Customize notifications: All notifications, including SMS and email templates, can be easily customized
  • Control access by role: It's possible to select which user roles needs will have to adopt 2FA
  • Manage access per each specific user profile: Specific user accounts can also be assigned to different security levels and reset security methods
  • Define the duration of the authentication factor: The duration of each code sent to the users can be chosen. After expiration, they will need to generate a new code
  • Override password: Admins can decide to completely remove password requirements for users
  • Shortcode support: External login forms are available by using a simple shortcode
  • User Role Manager: The plugin allows to create, edit and delete user roles on your site. You can edit basic WordPress user role capabilities with a simple and user-friendly interface. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.7.2.

Important: The WordPress Two Factor Authentication plugin is compatible with WordPress 5.4.0 or greater because in this plugin we used those hooks/filters that WordPress introduce in 5.4.0

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