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To begin using the CM Routes Manager Plugin with the Peepso Social media plugin first the Integration plugin needs to be purchased and installed. Here we will explain how to install it assuming it was bought through the website. If the integration plugin was purchased from please try their support for the first few steps.

Please also note that to successfully combine Routes Manager Pro with Peepso, you require the Routes Manager Pro Plugin, the Peepso Core Plugin and the Peepso Routes Manager Integration plugin. Peepso and Routes manager must be installed and activated first.

After completing the purchase go to the CreativeMinds website. Hover over "ACCOUNT" in the top right corner then select "Customer Dashboard" from the drop down options. Enter your login details.

On the Customer Dashboard Click on the "Downloads" tab to reveal all your existing purchases which are available to download. Scroll down to find the CM Maps Routes Manager Peepso Integration Addon. 

Click on the green text to the right to initiate the download.

Keep the CreativeMinds website open as it will be needed for activating the Plugin.

In a new tab log into the back-end of your WordPress website to view the Dashboard. Navigate to Plugins → Add New then click "Upload Plugin" at the top of the page.

Next click on the 'Choose file' button then use the file explorer to identify the .zip file for the plugin. Select it, then click 'Install Now'.

The installation progress will be displayed followed by a success message and a button to "Activate Plugin". Click the Activate button.

After activating the plugin you will be prompted to go to the plugin's licence page with a warning message at the top of the screen. Click the link in this message to go directly to the licence page to complete the activation of the Plugin.

The Licence page for the Plugin should have an Empty input field, here is where you need to paste the Licence Key.

To obtain the licence key head back to the CreativeMinds dashboard. Log in if necessary and then from the dashboard click on the "Licences" tab.

Identify the correct licence. Copy it then paste it into the Licence input field back on your site's WordPress dashboard.

Click Save Changes & Activate.

More information about the CM Routes manager PeepSo AddOn

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