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Add-on Settings

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The settings for the PeepSo - CM Maps Routes Manager integration are to be found within the PeepSo Configuration Settings in the WordPress dashboard.

From the WordPress dashboard navigate to PeepSo → Config CM Maps Routes.

The User's Maps Tab

On the user's profile on the frontend there is a navigation ribbon. Once the Peepso - Maps Routes Manager integration Plugin is installed a Maps tab will appear in this ribbon directing the page visitor to the Profile's Routes.

To toggle the display of this tab as well as to configure the routes when it is selected use the settings in the User Profile: User's Maps Tab section.

  • Show "Maps" tab in the user's profile shortcode - Toggles the appearance of the "Maps" tab in the menu and the widget on or off.
  • Show routes' parameters - Toggles the display of the routes's details on and off.

  • Route's snippets layout - How the Routes snippets will appear in the Maps tab. Choose between 'list' and 'tiles'.

  • Route featured image - Toggles whether or not the "Manage Maps" button will appear on the PeepSo Profile page.

Manage Maps tab

The Admin can decide that each user should see a "Manage Maps" tab in their user profile menu bar.

  • Show separate "Manage Maps" tab in the user's profile - Toggles the Display of the "Manage Maps" tab in the Profile menu and in the widget on and off.

Activity Feed

Lastly the site admin has the option to automatically post that a user has created a new map to the activity feed using the PeepSo - Maps Routes Manager settings. This post will appear on both their profile page and in the shared activity feed.

  • Create PeepSo activity when user created a map - Toggles whether or not the creation of new maps will automatically be added to the user's profile as a post and to the shared activity feed.
  • Activity post template for new map - A text area that can have dynamic data using shortcodes, this area is the template for the post that will appear on the user's page and the activity feed.

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