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Restore Default Settings

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This is an advanced topic of WordPress File Manager plugin. If you are not sure how to; or if you are not comfortable with editing the database, please open a support ticket.

Before making changes to the database, always create a backup. You can read more about the WordPress database on WordPress.org.

In order to restore the default settings (visible on the CMDM Settings page) you have to edit your WordPress MySQL database and delete records from the wp_settings table prefixed by cmdm_ using the following SQL query:

DELETE FROM wp_settings WHERE option_name LIKE "cmdm\_%";

Note: wp_ is a variable prefix you have set up during the WordPress installation and it can be different in your case. You can find it in the wp-config.php under the $table_prefix variable (search for "WordPress Database Table prefix").

This won't delete your downloads or categories, only reset the settings visible under the Settings page.

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