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Adding or Subtracting Points Automatically 

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What is This Feature

You can define a fixed amount of currency that will be added or subtracted from the wallet every X amount of days

To set this visit the WordPress MicroPayments settings:

Navigation to the plugin settings - Points and Rewards Plugin
Navigation to the plugin settings

Click on the Periodic Grant/Charge tab.

Periodic operations settings - WordPress User Wallet Credit System
Periodic operations settings

You need first to enable this feature using the option Turn on Periodic Operations. Then, you need to define the following configures:

  • Periodic Grant / Charge wallet log label - Write the labels for Grant/Charge wallet log.
  • Periodic Operations interval - Set the interval for granting/charging the points (in days).
  • Periodic Operations points amount type - Choose the amount type for granting/charging the points. There are two options:
    • Fixed
    • Percentage

      Note: this option was introduced in version 2.0.2.

  • Periodic Operations points amount - Set the value, how many points will be charged once a period. It can be some definite amount or it can be percentage of the amount of points in the wallet - it should be defined in the previous options. Set positive number to grant points (for example: "10"), or set negative number to charge the points (for example: "-10"). 
Setting up the periodic operations - WordPress Wallet Plugin
Setting up the periodic operations

Note that the interval will be calculated starting from the present day - that is, from the day when you save these settings.

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