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Once the calendar moderator receives a new booking request, he needs to go to the booking dashboard found in the plugin admin menu to manage booking.

The booking dashboard includes all available booking currently stored in the system for ALL calendars. You can use the filters on the top part of the dashboard to filter bookings by Month or by Calendar name.

There are two placeholders that can be used in the  email notification.

  • {booking-dashboard-link} — link to the booking dashboard with all available booking requests.
  • {booking-post-link} — link to the specific booking post

The second placeholder  {booking-post-link} will lead to the appointment post which includes all the information related to this booking including the booking form.

This post is also accessible while clicking on the details link in the booking dashboard grid under each appointment request.

For each booking request which appears in the grid you can choose if to Accept, Reject or Discuss it while clicking on the related button. 

Once clicking on any of this buttons, a dialog box will open which will allow you to choose if to send the notification to the customer or edit the notification before it is sent.

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