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Calendar Colors

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Calendar shows different background colors for each appointment slot depending on the status of the appointment.

To change colors you need to go to the Option section in the plugin admin menu.

And choose the Appearance tab.

Use the color picker to choose each color.

You can configure the following colors:

  • Primary calendar color - When the mouse hovers over a slot
  • Primary font color - Color of the font in buttons and on the hovered slots. Note: This option was introduced in version 1.8.0.
  • Secondary calendar color - Border of unbooked slots
  • Unbooked slot
  • Expired slot 
  • Accepted slot
  • New booking slot
  • Too soon - Slot that is not enough days from current day background color
  • Too distant - Slot that is too far away from current day background color
  • Month remaining days - Background of remaining days in that month with slots (only applies to Month view)

Note that these settings apply to all calendars.

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