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Setting Up Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

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MicroPayments Platform Plugin allows you to allow users to use their points as payment currency in the shop you're running.


To use the WooCommerce Payment Gateway, you need to do the following:

  • Enable it in the Micropayments plugin settings
  • Setup the Gateway in the WooCommerce

Below: To enable the WooCommerce payment gateway, you need to check the option called Use WooCommerce for Checkout in the CM Micropayment Platform → Settings  General.

WooCommerce plugin integration with MicroPayments Platform plugin
WooCommerce plugin integration

Below: The settings of the Gateway in the WooCommerce. One of the most important things is setting up the ratio (marked with red border)

WooCommerce plugin integration - setting up currency to points ratio - WordPress MicroPayments
WooCommerce plugin integration - setting up currency to points ratio

After saving changes, you can get back to WooCommerce  Settings  Payments and see if the payment gateway appears on the list.

Below: The Micropayment plugin gateway appears on the list under the name "CM MicroPayment"

MicroPayments plugin payment gateway for WooCommerce
MicroPayments plugin payment gateway for WooCommerce

Using the gateway

After setting up you can use the gateway as any other payment gateway.

On the checkout after selecting the Gateway user will have to just fill the Wallet ID (which is pre-filled if the user is logged in and the Wallets are assigned to users). Below there's an information on how much points would be required to purchase and how many points are left in the given wallet.

Below: Example Checkout with the CM Micropayment Gateway selected.

WordPress MicroPayments payment gateway for WooCommerce
MicroPayments plugin payment gateway for WooCommerce

TIP: Show/Hide Payment Info Elements

Since the version 2.1.1 you can show or hide Payment Info elements:

  • Wallet ID/Nickname
  • Purchase cost
  • Wallet balance
WooCommerce Plugin integration options - MicroPayments Platform Plugin
WooCommerce Plugin integration options

To do this, navigate to Admin Dashboard → WooCommerce → Payments tab, find CM MicroPayment and click Manage.

WooCommerce Plugin integration - Managing WordPress MicroPayments gateway
WooCommerce Plugin integration - Managing MicroPayments plugin gateway

Then check or uncheck the elements you want show or hide using the following options:

  • Show wallet code
  • Show purchase cost
  • Show digital wallet balance

Then click Save Changes.

WooCommerce Plugin integration options - WordPress Points Management Plugin
WooCommerce Plugin integration options

After Transaction

After the transaction, if it's successful, the number of points will be subtracted from the Wallet and the transaction will appear in the Wallet's history.

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