CM OnBoarding (CMOB) - How the Plugin Works

How this plugin works

The OnBoarding plugin let's you create and display help widgets and display them on specific pages on your site. 

The plugin support a custom post type called "help Items". The help items is a container that includes inside it several items that each represent content.

After creating the items, you can choose the widget type to use and target the pages in which the widget should be displayed.

For example the widget below contains 3 items and is using a widget type accordion.

It is also possible to add to each widget a search bar, a header and a footer as shown below.

There are two basic type of widgets. Side widgets and floating widgets. The side widgets can pop out from the right or left side of the screen. The floating widget shows always on the bottom of your screen.

The overall structure of the help items is as follows:

  1. Help Items Container Title
    1. Item 1 Title
    2. Item 1 Content
    3. Item 2 Title
    4. Item 2 Content
  2. Help Items Selected template
  3. Help Items template preferences
    1. show search bar
    2. defined header
    3. defined footer
  4. Target pages

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