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MicroPayments (Add-on)

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What is It?

The CM Answers Micropayments Add-on supports adding a virtual currency layer to your Q&A discussion infrastructure. This means users can pay or receive points, with real or virtual value, by posting or answering questions. 

This feature allows admins to reward top contributors for improving the quality of your forum and provides an incentive for users to engage in the forum.

Before You Start

Click here to learn about how to set up the CM Micropayment general plugin settings before adjusting the Micropayment settings within CM Answers!

How does MicroPayment integrate with CM Answers?

After installing the  CM Micropayment, every registered user is given his own wallet. Then, after the quick setup of the external Payment Gateway and the currency, users can buy the virtual currency on your site and use it as if it was a prepaid credit card, and perform actions on your Q&A Forum. 

Micropayments for CM Answers - Question Form Change

Below you can see how the CM Answers Question Form changes after adding and setting up the plugin.

Micropayment for CM Answers Settings

First, remember to assign point values and generate wallets for your users in the Micropayment Plugin General Settings! Authors will be charged or granted points according to criteria that you define in the CM Answers plugin settings under the  Micropayment tab in the plugin Settings The admin can decide how many points to grant or charge a user for posting questions and answers. The admin can also disable the Micropayment integration for either of these scenarios. The admin can also decide to reward the best answer with a certain number of pointswhen the author marks a question thread as "resolved." 

User Wallets

Each user can view his wallet at any given time and check all the transactions made with his wallet. The CM Micropayment can also work with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and use the EDD checkout and payment gateways.

Video Overview

This following video provides an overview of the Micropayments system, and explains in detail how it integrates with the CM Answers Plugin:

More information about the CM Answers Micropayments Add-on

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