CM Email Tools Pro - Email Log

Email Log

To log every outgoing e-mail go to Settings->General tab and check "Yes". If enabled, every e-mail will be saved in the Email Log.

To see logs, navigate to Admin Panel->CM Email Tools Pro->Email Logs.

Below: Example of how the items on a log look, specifically sent e-mails.

You can do the following bulk actions on e-mail logs: Edit or Move to Trash. If you do not need to move e-mail logs to trash, you can permanently delete them all with the button Delete All Log.

You can also filter e-mail logs by date.

Open single Email Log item to see its details.

PHPMailer Settings

Below: PHPMailer Settings during sending the e-mail.

Below: PHPMailer data that's logged are related to SMTP debug level in General tab.


Backtrace is a standard PHP call stack.

SMTP Connection Log

Below: Log string generated by the SMTP server.

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