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Creating a SMTP Preset

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The WordPress SMTP Plugin supports sending emails from your WordPress site via a preferred SMTP server. 

You can define several SMTP gateways profiles and choose the active one. Only one profile can be active at the same time.

Navigate to Admin Panel → CM Email Tools Pro → SMTP Config Presets.

Navigation to the presets list - SMTP for WordPress
Navigation to the presets list

After plugin installation user can use one of two pre-defined profiles: Example Gmail SSL and Example Gmail TLS

Field to select preset in Settings:

Choosing SMTP config preset - WP Mail SMTP WordPress Plugin
Choosing SMTP config preset

List of avaliable pre-defined presets:

Available presets - WordPress SMTP Configuration
Available presets

SMTP Config Options

Here's the list of all fields of the SMTP configuration screen.

  • SMTP Host/Port - enter SMTP mail host and port.
  • Encryption - set encryption to SSL, TSL or disable.
  • SSL options - set SSL options to verify peer, verify peer name and allow self signed.
  • Authentication/Authentication type - Check to use the SMTP authentication and set authentication type: LOGIN/PLAIN/CRAM_MD5.
  • Username/Password - Enter WP account login/password.
  • Email address in the From: header - Specify the email address that emails should be sent from. If you leave this blank, the default email will be used. This address should be in the SMTP server's domain, otherwise Gmail can refuse it.
  • Sender name in the From: header - Specify the name that emails should be sent from. If you leave this blank, the emails will be sent from Wordpress.
  • Set the return-path to match the From Email - Enable or disable Sender name in the From: header
  • Force SMTP priority - Force SMTP priority to high/normal/low or disable.
Example SMTP Config screen - WP Mail SMTP
Example SMTP Config screen

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