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Creating a Checkbox List

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A nice feature of the WordPress Curated Lists plugin is you are able to add checkboxes next to links. These are helpful for e-learning assignments, directing readers' attention to certain parts, or just making the list easier to read. 

When someone clicks on a checkbox, the selection is remembered using a tracking cookie. If the reader leaves the curated list and comes back later, the box is still checked. 

The option to add checkboxes is available in the Links section when editing or adding list entries. By selecting the "Show checkbox" option, this feature will be enabled. 

Options for displaying link as a checkbox - Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin
Options for displaying link as a checkbox

Here is an example of how the checkboxes look from a list of SEO resources created with the WordPress Curated Lists plugin:

Front-end example - Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Plugin
Front-end example

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