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Add Help Items

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The Widgets created by the WordPress OnBoarding plugin are made useful by filling them with 'Help Items'. Help items require a little setting up and adjustment to look and work in a desirable way.

To Add new Help Items to a widget navigate to CM On-Boarding  Add New Item.

Before Adding content or changing options it's worth becoming familiar with how to save the progress of work on a help item. At any point to save content and or options which have been changed click on the blue button to on the upper right of the editor screen. This button will show "Publish" for Help Items when they are first being added, or "Update" if the Help Item is being edited.

Form for adding help items - OnBoarding Plugin WordPress
Form for adding help items
Updating help items - User OnBoarding Tool
Updating help items

Help Item Title

At the top of the help item post, enter a title in the box provided for the new Help Item. The title is used only for sorting the help items and referring to them but it will not appear in the widget shown in the pages. 

Setting up a Widget

  • Title - This title is what will appear for the menu item in the sidebar.
  • URL - This is an optional web address. If an address is entered here then clicking on the title will direct to the address rather than displaying Content.
  • Content - The Content is the body of the Help Item. It can be information, HTML content or even shortcodes to various features such as contact forms.
  • Template - It's possible to save templates and reuse them later to save time. This is particularly useful if a Help Item is to be used over and over but not necessarily on every page on the site. Or if there needs to be a general layout with slight modifications to the Help Item for different pages.
  • Add Help Item (Button) - Clicking on this will create a new empty Help item form below the one being edited.
    • This is not for adding or saving the current Help Item, this must be done by clicking Publish or Update in the top right.
Example of adding new help item - WordPress Walkthrough Plugin
Example of adding new help item

Help Item - Options

The options for configuring the Help Items Widgets are divided into three types.

Visual, Activity and  Button Text.

Help items settings - Walkthrough WordPress Plugin
Help items settings

Help Item - Options - Visual

  • Widget Type - Sets the type/style of the Widget. Choices are:
    • Default (defaults to what the global setting is in Settings)
    • Accordion
    • Select
    • Side
    • Slider
    • Floating Accordion
    • Floating Select
    • Floating Side
    • Floating Slider
  • Header - Adds a Header to the Help Item.
  • Footer - Adds a footer to the Help Item.
Visual settings - WordPress On Screen Walkthrough Plugin
Visual settings

Help Item - Options - Activity

  • Show on every page - Checking the box displays the Help Item Widget on every page on the site.
  • Show on posts of selected type - Allows assigning the Help Item for selected post types only. Additionally, checking the option "Admin panel only" limits Help Item appearance by add/edit page for the selected post type.

    Activity settings - Website Walkthrough WordPress Plugin
    Activity settings
  • Show on URLs matching pattern - Goes through all the URLs on the site and displays the Help Item on any pages with URLs matching partially what is entered in this field.
    • You can exclude child pages by adding $ to the end of the URL. For instance:
      • Inputing example.com/shop-manager/ WILL include all child pages, such as example.com/shop-manager/john and example.com/shop-manager/mary
      • Inputting example.com/shop-manager/$ WILL NOT include any child pages example.com/shop-manager/john and example.com/shop-manager/mary
  • Show Help Item's only for logged users - Toggles whether or not users must be logged into the site to see Help Items.
  • Display on these Admin URLs - Displays the Help Items only for the back-end URLs entered here. To add more than one click the '+ Add Admin URL'.
  • Show on selected posts/pages - Configures the Help item to appear only on the selected posts or pages. To add the Help Item to multiple specified posts or pages click the '+ Add Page'.

    Choosing where to display the OnBoarding widget with help items - Website Guided Tour Plugin
    Choosing where to display the OnBoarding widget with help items

Help Item - Options - Button Text

This feature works only for standard Widget type. It doesn't override floating Widget type.

  • Custom widget open button text - Replaces the widget open button icon with some custom text.
  • Custom widget open button text width correction - Adjusts the width of the custom open button text if custom open button text is entered.
  • Custom widget open button text height correction - Adjusts the height of the open button text area if custom open button text is entered.
Button Text settings - WordPress OnBoarding Plugin
Button Text settings

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