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Multiple Bookings Choice

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Since the version 1.8.0 users are able to make a multiple choice of bookings in the calendar.

Users can choose a whole day for booking and they can also choose multiple individual slots.

TIP: Enabling/Disabling Multiple Booking

You can enable or disable the possibility of multiple booking in plugin options. 

Learn more how to do this in this guide: Appointments Booking - Settings - General Settings

How It Works?

A few ways how to make a multiple choice:

  • To choose the whole day the user needs to click the button Book Day that is related to the needed one. 
  • To choose more than one booking slot, the user needs to hold the Shift button and click on the needed slots.
  • The user can combine booking whole days with individual slots by choosing needed slots and needed days.

When the user starts making a multiple choice of bookings, a pop-up window appears on the bottom left with two buttons: Book and Cancel.

The button Cancel removes selection of all chosen booking slots, and the button Book leads the user to the submit form.

How The Slots Are Booked?

All slots that go consequently in time without any breaks are combined into one slot.

So, for example, the user books four 1-hour slots at 10 am, 11 am, 12 am and 3 pm:

They will be booked as two bookings: 

  • The first one with a start time at 10 am and duration 180 minutes.
  • The second one with a start time at 3 pm and duration 60 minutes.

It works the same with booking of the whole day that can have some breaks during the day - lunch-breaks in a schedule or some booking slots can already been booked by someone else. 

For example, there is a working day that starts at 10 am and ends at 7 pm, and it has a 1-hour lunch-break at 1 pm.

So, when the user books the whole day, there will be two bookings:

  • The first one with a start time at 10 am and duration 240 minutes.
  • The second one with a start time at 2 am and duration 240 minutes.

Each of these two bookings will be registered in the back-end as two separate bookings:

And there will be separate email notifications for these two bookings:

Mobile Version

Multiple booking is also available for mobile devices. Users have the same option for booking the whole day using the button Book Day. And for multiple booking of individual slots users can tap the button MULTI

When they tap on it, it changes the color. After first chosen slot a floating window appears with buttons Book and Cancel.

This is how it looks like on the Front-end:

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