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Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM RSS Post Importer Pro → Options.

There are two tabs - Plugin Options and Plugin Diagnostics.

Plugin Options

On the first tab you can find the following options:

  • Processing batch size - Number of RSS feed items processed by WP-Cron job at once. Learn more about this option: RSS Post Importer - Limiting the Batch Processing size
  • Restart Processing CRON - Clicking on this button will restart the task responsible for processing the feeds. Learn more about using this option: RSS Post Importer / RSS Aggregator - CRON Troubleshooting
  • Run RSS Processing - Clicking on this button will run the task responsible for processing the feeds.
  • Keywords exact match - All capital letters will be taken into account during searching for keywords.
  • User agent - User agent used to fetch RSS feed. Some servers block access to theirs resources when queries are made by WordPress - you can try to fool them by changing user agent. Learn more about this option: RSS Post Importer - Changing User Agent
  • Delete Fetches - Click to delete fetches.This options does not delete already imported posts - only fetches. This option can be useful in case if there is some broken RSS, so you can use this clear the RSS queue. It can also be used to clear the database from time to time, to not overload it. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.5.6.
    • Choose the RSS - In this dropdown you can choose either to delete all fetches or only fetches of some definite RSS. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.5.9.
  • Delete Posts if they was deleted in RSS Source - When the option is enabled, imported posts will be removed from your feed if they were removed in the RSS source. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.5.7.

Don't forget to click the button Save Changes.

Plugin Diagnostics

The second tab is Plugin Diagnostics.

The plugin depends on WordPress Cron - a service that schedules events to be executed at regular intervals, so make sure it's running correctly. You can retrieve advanced log information by choosing the problematic feed in the dropdown list and clicking the Fetch button. 

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