RSS Post Importer - Limiting the Batch Processing size

Limiting the Batch Processing size

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The most resource-intensive part of the import process is batch processing. Depending on the capabilities of the server or hosting provider being used it may be necessary to apply some limits to the number of posts being imported and then processed at any one time.

The Batch Processing size differs from the Fetch Limit which is configured in the settings for each Feed, as the Fetch Limit just limits the number of posts being imported to the Plugin. Importing is a lot less intensive than Processing.

As mentioned, the quality of hosting provider or server being used for the site should be taken into careful consideration when setting these configurations. Attempting to import and process too many posts at one time can overload a server and cause problems.

To Limit the Batch Processing size, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM RSS Post Importer Pro → Options

Under the Plugin Options tab, choose the Processing batch size from the drop-down. Either 1, 3, 5 or 10 posts can be processed at one time. Then click Save Changes.

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