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Note: this guide covers the features that were introduced in version 1.9.7.


Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Business Directory → Statistics.

There you can see the following form:

Watch the Statistics

There are three columns:

  • Business name - The list of created businesses.
  • Total number of visits - The visits are counted every time when somebody opens the page.
  • Total number of clicks - The clicks are counted when somebody clicks the website link on the business page.

In the Business name column you can see the ID of every business, you can Edit and View businesses from here, and you can also click on View All Statistics to see the list of unique IPs that visited this business. As alternative to View All Statistics you can choose the business in the dropdown menu Business and click Filter:

You can also sort the list with IPs by definite period of time:

Note: to collect the statistics of the unique IPs visits, you need to enable the option Statistics count used IP address in Settings.

Learn more about configuring the Statistics: CM Business Directory (CMBD) - Settings - Statistics

Export to CSV

To export the statistics to CSV-file click on the button Export to CSV.

Delete All Statistics

To remove all statistics click on the button Delete All Statistics.

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