Course Catalog - How To - Export and Import (Courses, Students, Registrations, Waiting Lists)

Importing and Exporting Course Catalog Content (Courses, Students, Registrations, Waiting Lists)

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Course Catalog allows you to import and export content from the plugin, making it easy to migrate data between sites.

Exported content includes every field of the items, even custom ones. Handling this data with external programs is useful for quick editing or to backing it up while making sure it can then be accessed from another location easily. 

The feature is similar to what is seen in Business, Product and Expert Directory.

Content, Files and Formats

Course Catalog uses the following formats:

Content Format
Course Catalog  CSV (Import only), JSON, Backup All course content, including image URLs.
Download CSV sample
Students  JSON (Export only) All student data
Registrations  CSV (Export only) All registration data
Waiting Lists  JSON (Export only) All waiting list data. Requires the waiting list add-on


  • JSON - uses human-readable text to store and transmit data. Can be opened by text editors, such as Notepad++ and Sublime
  • CSV - or comma-separated values, are files that can be read by either Text Editors or Spreadsheet Editors, such as Microsoft Excel and Numbers.

Learn more about these two formats through their Wikipedia articles: JSON and Comma-separated Values (CSV).

Locating Feature

To use this feature, navigate to CM Course Catalog Pro → Import/Export.

Content Can't Be Empty!

The export features will only work if the plugin has content. For instance, trying to export registrations if no student is registered to a course will generate an error message.

TIP: Using the Feature


Click the button Export


Find the file on your computer (or click Choose file) and then click Import

Exporting/Importing Course Catalog

Includes: All course data

Supported Operations

  • Download backup - download the existing file from the last backup to your computer. If you want the latest content please do a backup first before downloading
  • Backup to JSON - Do a backup operation (without downloading). File will be saved at a specified URL.
  • Import from JSON - Import a file which was saved using the JSON format. 

Import from CSV 

Imports a file which was saved using the CSV format.

Notes on CSV Format

  • Files should be UTF-8 encoded (not UTF-8 BOM, ANSI, Unicode or others!)
  • If you use MS Excel, please remember that by default it can't save proper CSV format (comma-delimited) - see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article
  • All the fields which can contain commas must be enclosed in quotes! (To be 100% safe, enclose each field in quotes)
  • The only mandatory field are "Title" and "Content"


The plugin provides a sample file that you can download to test importing. Download now.

Example File

Export Students as JSON

Includes: Data from all students that have been added to courses

Sample JSON

[{"id":"1","time":"2020-06-02 10:14:41","student_id":"4","course_id":"62","period_code":"111","purchase_id":"0","manual_amount":"10","note":"ddd","image_id":"0","payment_method":"Manual Payment","trashed":"0","status":"by_admin"}]

Export Registration as CSV

Includes: All information from Registrations table grouped by Course, period and date.

Sample Table

Export Waiting Lists as JSON (requires Waiting List add-on)

Includes: All waiting list data

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