WordPress FAQ Plugin (CMFAQ) - Importing and Exporting Questions and Answers

Importing and Exporting Questions and Answers

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TIP: Download File Example

Speed up the import process by using a sample file. Download CSV example file

What is This Feature

With the WordPress FAQ plugin you can import and export all FAQs on your site as a CSV file.

This makes it easy to

  • Migrate content between sites.
  • Edit questions from spreadsheet software, which might be speed up the.


A .csv (comma separated values) file is a format that can be opened by most spreadsheet software. Sample table:

Example of the CSV file - FAQ Plugin WordPress
Example of the CSV file

TIP: CSV File Specifications

CSV files must follow some specifications to be imported properly.

A quick tip is to export a file from the plugin instead of starting from scratch. This way, most important fields will be filled prior to editing.


  • Has to be UTF-8 encoded
  • Accepts the columns
    • Question Title, Excerpt,  Content, Categories, Tags, Order, cmfaq_main_category_id, cmfaq_rating, cmfaq_search_widget_status, cmfaq_show_voting

Finding the Feature

Head to WP Admin → CM FAQ → Import/Export.

Import and export options - Best FAQ Plugin WordPress
Import and export options

The settings are straightforward.

Import Questions


  1. Click on Choose file
  2. Choose the CSV file in your computer
  3. Click on Import Questions

TIP: Overwrite or Duplicate?

When importing a file, the plugin checks for questions that already exists.

Overwriting existing questions - WordPress FAQ Plugin With Search Bar
Overwriting existing questions
  • Enable the Overwrite existing Questions option to only import questions that are not in your site.

If this option is off, existing questions will be duplicated.

Export Questions

Click on Export Questions to generate the CSV file with your questions.

If you still don't have questions, the CSV file will be empty.

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