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Creating a Level

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The first step to assigning levels to expert profiles in the Expert Directory plugin is to create the levels that are to be applied.

What is a Level?

A tier that allows experts to different levels of information. They can differ in:

  • Name
  • Icons
  • Unique page
  • Fields available (for instance, Publications, Education and Custom Links)
  • Price

Examples of levels are:

  • Free, Specialist and VIP
  • Basic, Teacher and Master

But you can create as many as you want, with any names to suit your site.

Creating/Managing Levels

From the WordPress dashboard navigate to CM Expert Directory ProLevels.

On the righthand side of the screen will be listed any levels that have been created. This section will be empty at first.

The form on the left is used to create new levels.

For each level, you can customize:

  • Name
  • Slug
  • Parent
  • Description - Will be shown under the name in the Levels Form (learn more: Adding The Levels Form)
  • Icons (large and small) - Will be added on top of the logo on the index and expert page, respectively.
    Note: the image should be square, otherwise it will be distorted.
  • Unique page that describes the level - Will be linked under the purchase button in the Levels Form (learn more: Adding The Levels Form)
  • Fields available - Which fields the experts are allowed to fill
  • Price (learn more: CM Expert Directory Levels - Charging Users)

Click the "Add New Level" button at the bottom of the form.

List of FIelds

You can enable or disable each of these fields for each level:

Title Overview Publications Education Experience Position
Logo Category Tags Address City/Town Region
State/County Country Postal Code Google Map Gender Phone
E-mail Web URL Facebook Twitter YouTube Linkedin
Instagram Custom Links
Custom Picture Gallery Video Gallery

Editing Existing Levels

To Edit existing levels go to the same form as for creating new levels.

Either click on the name of the Level that is to be modified or hover over the level's row to reveal the hidden options. For small edits click "Quick Edit" and for more detailed changes click "Edit".

The main difference between Edit and Quick Edit is that with Quick Edit you can only change the Name and Slug of the Level.

More information about the CM Expert Directory Levels Add-on

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