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Restricting Content For X Days After Registration

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What is This Feature

It's possible to prevent newly-registered users from accessing certain content for a set amount of days. You can also choose which page the user will be redirected to. This feature was added in version 1.4.1.

Example: a user registers with a free account in a gaming site and can only access the forum page after 7 days. If he accesses the link before, he's directed to the homepage.

1) Time Restriction by Post Type

Head to WP Admin → CM Site Access Restriction Pro → Settings → Post types.

For each post type, you can set a number of days of restriction.

In the example below, new accounts can only access posts after 7 days and pages after 14 days.

Restricting by Post Type and Role

If you choose to restrict access by role, you can set the day limit only for those.

The example shows how to lock Posts for new users with the role "Customer".

2) Time Restriction by Individual Post/Pages

Each post/page receives a metabox where you can set the same options seen above.

This is extremely useful for locking pages with sensitive data.

Redirecting Users

To choose which pages denied users are redirected to, follow the path  WP Admin → CM Site Access Restriction Pro → SettingsGeneral.

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