Site Access Restriction (SAR) - Plugin Settings

    Plugin Settings Overview

    This plugin allows users to create a membership and content restriction solution. The content restriction is based on user WordPress roles and if they are logged in or not.

    Setting up Access Restriction Pages

    The first thing to set up after plugin installation is to define the pages to redirect in case the user is trying to access a restricted content page. There are two types of access restriction. First, when user is not logged in. Second, when user is logged in but he is trying to access a page which is restricted to his role.

    1. Go to Admin Panel, then CM Site Access Restriction Pro, then Settings to open the settings page.
    2. Go to the General tab.
    3. In the General settings, you can specify both URL. The access defined URL is the general one which will show also for logged in users if they try to access content restricted to their WP role. 
      The second URL (Login page URL) is the URL of the page which non logged in users will be redirected to when trying to access a page which has access restriction.
    4. Next is the Post Types tab. In the section you can restrict all post which belongs to a custom post type and also restrict access to the general pages and posts. The available options are:
      Access restricted to logged-in users - this means that all roles are authorized
      Access restricted by role - once selected you can specify which roles can access content

    1. 8. Users then click Save Changes to save all changes.

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