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Telegram - Setting Username

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Official Telegram documentation: Usernames

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What is a Username And Why Set One?

Telegram usernames' are public. If you set an username, your account becomes reachable via the global search.

Why Your Users Should Have Usernames

Usernames are very important for the WordPress Telegram Bot plugin. If the username is not set, the placeholders will use the default sender name.

Setting Username

1) On Telegram, head to settings

Navigation to Telegram settings - Telegram Group Bot Manager
Navigation to Telegram settings

2) Click username and Set one

Setting up the username - Telegram Bot Plugin for WordPress
Setting up the username

Bot Username

As a reminder, the bot username is the one without spaces and ends with "bot" 

Example of the bot username - WordPress Telegram Plugin
Example of the bot username

Adding to the Plugin

Head to WP Admin → CM Telegram Bot → Settings → API Settings tab. Fill the Bot Username field.

Adding the bot username to the plugin - Telegram WordPress Widget
Adding the bot username to the plugin

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