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Telegram - Adding Bot to a Group or Channel

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Official Telegram documentation: Creating Group | Adding Users | Making User Admin

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The WordPress Telegram Bot plugin requires the bot to be part of one or multiple groups or public channels to fetch messages and interact with users.

It can only perform actions if it has admin permissions.

The process of adding bot is the same for groups and channels. The instruction below is shown on the example with the group.

Adding Bot to Group

1) Add Bot From Settings

Go to settings of the group you want to monitor (click on the group name or image) and add your bot. 

Example from the desktop version:

Adding bot to the group - Telegram Plugin for WordPress
Adding bot to the group

2) Set Bot as an Admin

Still in the group info, click on options, manage group, administrators.

Make sure the bot has all permissions.

Note: as of March 2020, it's not possible to do this from the browser version of Telegram.

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