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Telegram - Creating a Bot

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Official Telegram documentation: How To Create a Bot | @BotFather Commands

This feature depends on Telegram, so steps and interface may change at any time.

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This article covers how to create a bot and then how to connect it to the WordPress Telegram Bot plugin.

Creating a Bot

In order to create a Telegram Bot, follow these steps:

1) Start a chat with @BotFather on Telegram 

Either follow the link @BotFather or look for its username.

BotFather bot - WordPress Telegram Plugin
BotFather bot

2) Write /newbot to @BotFather

Creating a new bot - Telegram WordPress Widget
Creating a new bot

3) Specify a friendly bot name

Friendly names can contain spaces. Example: CM Telegram Bot

Specifying a friendly bot name - Telegram Plugin for WordPress
Specifying a friendly bot name

4) Specify the bot username

Can't contain spaces and must end in "bot" 

Example: SuperCMTelegramBot

Your bot has been created!

You will now receive the access token.

Connecting Bot to Plugin

1) Copy the access token (API key)

You can find it on the BotFather message logs.

Alternatively, message /token @xxx to it, with xxx being the botname. For example, /token @cmbot.

Copying the API - Telegram Group Bot Manager
Copying the API

2) Paste it in plugin options

Head to WP Admin → CM Telegram Bot → Settings → API Settings tab. 

Copy the key to the Bot API Key field.

Connecting a telegram bot with the plugin - Telegram Bot Plugin for WordPress
Connecting a telegram bot with the plugin

3) Copy Bot Username

In the same, tab fill the Bot Username field.

Inserting a bot username - WordPress Telegram Bot
Inserting a bot username


Remember: the username is the one without spaces and ends with "bot"

Example of the bot username - WordPress Telegram Plugin
Example of the bot username

4) Choose Default Sender Name

Finally, set the default sender name. It will be used when a rule has no sender name.

Specifying the default sender name - Telegram WordPress Widget
Specifying the default sender name

This concludes the API connection.

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