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Obtaining an SSL Certificate

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Generate a Certificate

The  CM HTTPS SSL WordPress plugin generates a free certificate from Let's Encrypt for you, starting from version 1.2.7

How do I Install an SSL Certificate?

Upon gaining your SSL certificate you will need to install it. There are different ways to install an SSL certificate. The exact process will depend on your hosting providers will offer free or paid SSL certificates, in which case the SSL can be installed through a few clicks in the Admin Panel. 

For websites in that situation, the best option is to go directly to their hosting provider for website modification assistance. Thankfully, many web host services anticipate these user needs by accommodating built-in support options for LetsEncrypt and other Certificate Authorities.

Remember! Before making any large changes to the backend of your website, it’s a good idea to make a backup just in case.

Detailed Step by Step

Upload certificate to your hosting provider, which requires access to the web admin area. The exact step to complete installation depends on the host.

  1. Case 1) You don’t have web admin access - Provide the file from Step 2 to your web administrator.
  2. Case 2) You have web admin access - Upload the files to the hosting provider. You may need to open them with a text editor to copy the content before paste it.

    In most cases, hosting companies offer a certificate management tool to assist you.

    Refer to the documentation of the company and follow the instructions.
    Examples: Certbot | GoDaddy | BlueHost (certificate offered by them) | HostGator (certificate offered by them) | HostGator (certificate offered by them)
  3. Case 3) You have web admin and SSH access (advanced) - Web managers can complete the installation of a certificate using the help of a client like Certbot.

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