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Detecting and Fixing Mixed Content

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Our WordPress SSL Plugin includes a scanner to detect and suggest elements that are causing mixed content results. In some cases when the URL is generated by code or is hidden in an external resource the scanner can not detect the mixed content and therefore you will need to perform the following steps to discover the source of the mixed content

  1. Once you activate the WordPress HTTPS SSL plugin you can check the browser console. It will report the mixed content elements and their origin. Check this following article for more information

  2. Temporarily deactivate all your plugin besides the HTTPS Plugin. Then check if you still have a mixed content message. You can then activate each plugin separately to discover which one is causing the mixed content.

  3. You can try to change your theme temporarily to a safe one like 2017 or 2016 from Then check if this changes the mixed content message. This will identify mixed content issues coming from your theme

  4. Use W3C Validator found at
    . It will produce a detailed report with all related issues.

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