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General Settings

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What This Add-on Does

The Course Catalog Calendar (Learning Management System) WordPress add-on allows showing courses in the calendar mode. The students can easily pick up any convenient time and the courses available during the selected dates, and open the course for more information.

Calendar Settings

Once you install the base CM Course Catalog Pro plugin and the Course Catalog Calendar add-on, the course calendar settings will be shown automatically. To find the general settings, please head to Admin Dashboard → CM Course Catalog Pro → Settings → Calendar Addon tab.


  • Search for open course [month] - Shows the number of month that the calendar will process to find an open course. The calendar will open a month with the first available course if found. If no courses are found the calendar will open for that month.
  • First day of the week - Set when the week starts. There are 2 options:
    • Monday
    • Sunday
  • Calendar start year - Choose the year from which the user will be able to see the courses. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.0.7.

  • Open course in the new tab - If enabled, clicking on courses in the calendar will open them in a new tab. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.0.7.


Customize the appearance of your calendar. Pick up the necessary colors using the built-in color palette.

  • Primary calendar color - Select the primary calendar color.

  • Course background color - Choose the course background color.

  • Course text color - Select the course text color.

  • Month day background color - Select the month day background color.

Calendar Labels

Add the calendar titles if you are running a multilanguage website or you need to create your labels. Please note that all the fields are required.
  • List view - Add a title to the list view button.
  • Calendar view - Add a title to the calendar view button.
  • No courses were found - Add a title if there are no found courses.

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