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What This Add-on Does

The Course Catalog Waiting List (Learning Management System) WordPress add-on allows students to leave their email and contact information on a waiting list for courses. If users can't register for courses in the current moment, the admin can add a special waiting list form on each course page. 

Waiting List on Course Page

Once you create additional fields for the form, the more settings will appear on each course page in the Backend. The admin can enter custom success messages when the user submits contact information on the Frontend. 

To find these settings, please head to CM Course Catalog Pro → Courses select any Course in the list and scroll down to Waiting list.

  • Enable waiting list? - Mark the checkbox to show the waiting list form on the Frontend.
  • Form submit label - Customize the label button below the form. The label Submit is set by default.
  • Form header - Enter the form header above the form. The label Waiting List is set by default.
  • Description - Describe the waiting list form. The text Please enter your data to be added to the waiting list is set by default.
  • Success message - After the student submits the form, this success message will appear. The text You were added to the waiting list! is set by default.
  • Registered user message - If the student has already submitted the form before, the add-on will remind the user about the submitted form. The text You are already registered is set by default. 

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