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What You Can Lock

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Content Types

Our WordPress Invitation Code plugin has a series of content types that you can choose between when creating a code:

Types of content to restrict - Private Content WordPress Plugin
Types of content to restrict

1. URL/Page

Best used when: You want to lock a specific a series of URLs or Pages under a path.

Locks a specific or list of URLs/Pages path. Write the URL in the Allow URL fields. 

You can use * to sign all URLs under that path. 


Value What is locked
https://www.cminds.com only cminds.com
https://www.cminds.com/* cminds.com and all pages under it (for instance, https://www.cminds.com/a, https://www.cminds.com/b etc)
https://www.cminds.com/deals1, https://www.cminds.com/deals2, https://www.cminds.com/prizes/* pages deals1, deals2 and all pages under prizes (for instance, prizes/premium and prizes/basic).

2. Posts

Best used when: You want to lock target specific posts which might have URL changes in the future, as they will be locked even if their URL changes.

Select needed posts from the list.

3. Content Inside Page/Post

Best used when: You want to lock specific parts of a long content page or post.

Part of a page or post. Apply the relevant content inside the shortcode   [cmicca_access_code]

Learn more: How To - Hide Partial Content on Page/Post

4. File / External File

Best used when: You want to gate access to specific files.

Choose one file that will be restricted.

Restricting uploaded files or external links - Restrict Content Plugin
Restricting uploaded files or external links

Users will have to apply the shortcode on the Display Content Access Form. Learn more: WordPress Invitation Code - How To - Hide a File

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