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What This Add-on Does

The Course Catalog Form Builder (Learning Management System) WordPress add-on allows creating custom profiles for students. Use the drag-and-drop builder and add different fields such as radio buttons, text area, data fields and more, and make sure you have all the necessary info about students.

Profile Fields on Checkout

Please note that this feature is available if the Course Catalog Dashboard and Course Catalog Payment add-ons are installed and activated. 

Once all the add-ons are activated, the user can get any course by choosing the course period here:

The user will be redirected to the checkout page where the extra fields are available as well. So the student can provide necessary data for the admin.

Student Dashboard

You can also allow the student to see the information he provided and edit it on the front-end. Displaying profile fields on the front-end can be done with the help of a shortcode [cmccdb_edit_profile]. Each student will be able to see and edit only his own information. For the convenience, the shortcode can be placed in the student dashboard provided by the CM Course Catalog Dashboard add-on. Learn more about How To Build Student Dashboard.

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