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Adding a Script

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You can add unlimited number of scripts and styles. This guide covers how to add them.

Finding the Script List

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Header and Footer Script Loader. 

Clicking on it or Settings will direct you to the script list.

Adding a Script


Enter the Script and Script Name

in the first box provided. (Example: Google Analytics Code). The script name will help you later identify your scripts and styles but other than this does not have any impact.

  • A. Enter the Script Name in the box. 
  • B. Enter the Script Code in the box provided. 
  • You can also use the Disable Script toggle to disable

Choose the Settings

On the right side of the box, choose the settings for the script.

  • A. Choose between CSS and JS from the drop down menu to select a Script Type. 

    This is useful when you didn't place tags around the script (for example <script></script>). In such cases the plugin will automatically add the tags and wrap the script with them. 
  • B. Choose from the drop down menu to select a Script Location. This is important aspect to help you optimize your WordPress site performance. Select from:
    • Header Script
    • Footer Script
    • After opening body tag
  • C. Choose from the drop down menu to select the Autoload Option. There are five options.
    • Load by default on All Posts and Pages - The script will always load unless per specific posts it will be turned off
    • Load on Homepage - Loads only on the page specified as homepage
    • Load on Specific Posts - This will let you choose in which custom posts type the script will load
    • Load on specific Urls - Specify in which URLs the script will load.

      URL Tips

    • Don't load by default - This will prevent the script from loading automatically and will still leave the option to turn it on per specific posts and pages (requires Pro)
  • D. Choose which device types will trigger the script. There are three options:
    • All Devices
    • Desktop
    • Mobile


Click Add

Click on the blue Add New button to add a new box. You can add unlimited number of scripts and styles.


Save Changes

Click on the blue Save Changes button before leaving the settings screen. 

Deleting Scripts

Click the Delete button in the upper right hand corner to delete the box.

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