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User Calendar Page

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What Is It

Each user receives his/her own User Calendar page, which includes only the calendar.


How The Automatic Creation Works

User calendar pages are created automatically. They contains only the shortcode  [cm_event_booking_calendar_user_calendar].

The pages are created following the following structure:


So, for instance, for the site and user john, the URL will be:


Creating Missing Calendars

If new users join your website and their calendars were not created automatically, you can generate all needed calendars at once.

To do so, head to  Admin Dashboard → CM Booking Calendar → Options → User Calendar tab. At the end of the page, you will find the relevant option. Simply click Generate.

Creating a New User Calendar Page

The admin and admins can create their own calendar pages too. To do so, they only have to apply the shortcode and edit the page as they seem fit.

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