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Who Receives The Message

By default, the website administrators receives a message whenever someone filles the contact form.

If you have the Community Add-on enabled, however, the message will go the owner of that business, if any email is provided.

Customizing The Message

Under  Notification, you can customize the email that is sent to you when the form is submitted.

You can customize the  Email subject to make automating tasks easier within your email program.

  • Email Forward - Select the contact form for email forwarding. There are three available options:
    • Site Administrator
    • Expert Email
    • Expert Email + Site Administrator

      Note: the option was introduced in the version 1.0.9.
  • Email subject - Customize it to make automating tasks easier within your email program.
  • Expert ID / Name / URL text - These will define how each will be called, so you can translate them. For instance, switching "Business URL" to "website".
  • Email content - Change the text that is sent.

    It is important that you keep the shortcode [cmbecf_fields] somewhere in this option. Otherwise the information from the contact form will not be sent.

Save your changes by selecting the Update button at the bottom of the page:

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